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Sophie's Story

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Sophie Page and her family were already experiencing financial hardship when she lost her job in events while pregnant with her second son.

The events industry had already been affected by the economic downturn when the COVID19 pandemic hit. She was unable to pay her bills and had to move out of her rented family home into temporary accommodation.

She started receiving mentoring and support which helped her keep focused on what was going to be best long term. She completed some online courses during lock down and slowly started to build up the courage to put herself forward for projects that were unrelated to the events work that she was so familiar with.

Access to advice from an experienced Mentor when she needed it, helped her keep going. She is now able to start paying off her debts, and can look towards a future where she is able to fully apply and continue to develop her creativity, despite the impact of the pandemic. She has new career prospects that offer her long term learning and personal growth potential. More importantly, these prospects engage her superpowers, fully, and exceed the ambition she had before.


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