Understanding Sustainability


The triple bottom line model of sustainability (addressing the 3Ps of profit, people and planet) has been widely accepted by the business community. Yet, current organisational strategies have continued to allowed for one or more dimensions to be compromised for the sake of the other(s).

As Purposeful Innovators, we believe, and must demonstrate, that society has reached a milestone that organisations can and, therefore, are obliged to deliver their strategies without compromise or suffering on any of the dimensions. The Positive Impact model provides a road map to facilitate the highest value creation on all three dimensions and therefore delivers the triple bottom line as a standard and given practice for all.

The United Nations defines sustainable development as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Successful corporate initiatives are those that create long-term value for customers and communities. We are now in an age that we have, as leaders, the spiritual, mental and emotional intelligence to make sustainability the only way to work in how we create our strategic projects. How we work, as Purposeful Innovators demonstrates the power of a new healthy commercial ecosystem that contributes to global sustainability. For this reason, all our project goals are aligned to deliver the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), in that our projects are defined, developed and executed for the greatest sustainable impact required by our global community. What this ensures is that we open our activities to global opportunity and global potential, accessing an international market that enables us to achieve our optimum profit while benefiting all our stakeholders as well as our planet.

Contrary to popular belief, the formation of corporate strategies is a cyclical process that leans towards the technical over the inspiration. Data is analysed and scenarios discussed before solutions are penned and cascaded down for execution. The elements included in the process are arbitrary to the process. Therefore, Purposeful Innovators are lobbying for all organisations to combine their corporate goals with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals, not only to support humanity but to also expand potential for the organisation and activate serendipitous opportunities.

As a Purposeful Innovator, your first step will also start with the UN SDGs.

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