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Webinar Download: Now What Do I Do? Video - mp4.

Webinar Download: Now What Do I Do? Video - mp4.

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This webinar was recorded in March 2022 for Expo2020.

The world has changed faster in the last two years than at any other time in history. Despite social and technological change, working in the world of Expo, where you are immersed into the future visions, plans and promises; the return to normalcy may be both overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. In this webinar we will use the learning process to provide a method to staying objective about new prospects. This is an appreciate model which enable you to follow the benefits and create an open mindset to find what is new and enjoyable in the ‘old’ world.

Featured models: Rania Laing Learning Revolutions


Suggested Viewing Order

Although it is not imperative, it maybe helpful to watch this webinar in the order within the series for which it was produced.

  1. Suddenly It's All Over
  2. How Do I Explain My Value?
  3. Now, What Do I Do? (This One)


About the Speaker, Rania Laing FCIM, PCC and Founder/CEO of Purposeful Innovators.

Rania helps organisations regenerate their industries and excel through purposeful innovation. She believes the future of long term customer and stakeholder value lies in innovation strategies that deliver a positive impact on financials as well as individuals, society, community and the environment.

Supported by her ongoing brain-based research into generating positive outcomes for corporations, Rania works to develop capabilities in applying precision thinking for strategic decision-making and effective cultural change management.



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