Press Release: Best Practice Expertise For Your Organisation Now Available On a Project Basis

Purposeful Innovators (PI) has joined forces with The Support Hub to help companies access the best practice and senior expertise that is required to achieve long-term commercial viability. Purposeful Innovators is a non-profit consultancy that helps organisations become sustainable. The Support Hub was set-up to offer flexible options for clients to business growth.

According to the OECD, “The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered one of the worst jobs crises since the Great Depression. There is a real danger that the crisis will increase poverty and widen inequalities, with the impact felt for years to come. Countries now need to do everything they can to stop this jobs crisis from turning into a social crisis. Reconstructing a better and more resilient labour market is an essential investment in the future and in future generations.”

Aligning on strategy and intended impact, the collaboration will see Members from both entities merge under the management of PI while keeping the branding and brand of The Support Hub. The merger will offer a greater international reach for Members to contribute to international market-leading and community projects, delivered by subject matter experts who have been furloughed or lost their jobs. The initiatives also offer development opportunities for new graduates, interns and others looking to expand their experience and skills in new areas.

“The global economy is reliant on small to medium enterprises to help financially sustain communities. We are focusing on the long term while building the foundations for prosperity now. Our plan is to collectively create joint initiatives, today, that will develop to become businesses in their own right in the future. We want to revolutionise the labour market and protect human capital. These projects offer immediate remuneration opportunities and work experience for those who need it the most. ” Explains Founder and CEO of PI, Rania Laing.

“We are excited as this collaboration with PI will take The Support Hub into a new dimension through shared knowledge, access to an extensive global network and the implementation of best practices from around the world. The result is significant and sustainable support for business” elaborates Bronwen Hundley, Founder and Managing Partner of The Support Hub.

Client organisations will be able to access and directly book The Support Hub experts via website. PI receives a 7% contribution from every booking which gets invested back into expanding the initiative. Donation support channels are also open for individuals and companies wishing to support this cause.

PI wants to revolutionise the way the world works. Through this and future collaborative initiatives, people will have access to a new way of working and learning that enables them and their community to recover financially faster and in a more sustainable way than traditional methods of commerce and finding work.

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