We collaborate to improve the health of our planet, the professional and personal lives of others and to create a thriving society.

We've put our shared values first, choosing to contribute to help our clients, be them for-profit and non-profit organisations, government departments, community enterprises, individuals and for each other.

With over 100+ Members and growing, we have expertise across all industries and fields. 

Meet some of our Pioneer Members

Image of Giorgios Bouronikos

Giorgios Bouronikos

International Institute for Research & Human Development, Luxembourg

A lecturer at the Université de Reims, Giorgios is an ICF MCC Coach, SICPNL certified, a Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP. He is a Spiral Dynamics, Sociocracy and Enneagram specialist. Giorgios is the Secretary General of IAFM and former Secretary General of ICF Luxembourg. He is an ICF Global Member and past-Member of the Board of Directors of ECA-EMCC, Belgium.

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Image of Isabel Rimanoczy

Isabel Rimanoczy, Ed.D


Isabel has made it her life's purpose to develop 'change accelerators'. Aware of the complex challenges our planet (and us in it) are facing, she works with those that can multiply the impact in greater scale. This is the core of her mission and work: to foster academic initiatives for a new planetary imprint. She does this by teaching, writing, faculty development and advising academic institutions in the area of strategic sustainability.

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Image of Nataliya Wiedermeyer

Nataliya Wiedermeyer


Nataliya Wiedemeyer PMP ACC is an ICF Professional and Team Coach. Her vision is a connected world, where people work together on making it a little better every day. She helps teams to develop and improve their engagement, performance, and productivity.

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Image of Dr Konstantinos Petsanis

Dr Konstantinos Petsanis


Dr Konstantinos Petsanis is a neurologist at the National Organization of Health Provision and Private Practitioner in Greece. He’s the founding member and principal scientific advisor of interdisciplinary associations for applied neurosciences on cognitive and behavioural disorders in elderly people and was a consultant in the Service Delivery and Safety department at World Health Organization HQ in Geneva, Switzerland. Dr Konstantinos is the Scientific lead and special advisor at the Health and Applied Neuroscience Network, a non-profit association, he is a training educator and volunteers for Action for Autism organisation and the National Service of Car Accident Victims.

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Image of Ernie Turner

Ernie Turner


With 45 years coaching teams and developing team coaches, Ernie has lived and worked in 6 different countries (Malaysia, Angola, Brazil, Kenya, Italy and USA). He has worked with teams face-to-face in over 40 countries and with individuals from over 125 countries. Ernie has written or collaborated in the writing of five books. The latest is Shared Leadership Disciplines.

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