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Humans connecting and sharing inspiration for humanity

With all our events, our purpose is to connect people with people, share our wisdom and inspiration and spark magic that makes positive change happen.

All events listed below can be attended by anyone, from experts who can share their experiences to novice spectators wishing to listen and learn. 


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Every Sunday

06.30am UK/ 9.30am UAE

English Language  CH - PURPOSEFUL INNOVATORS: Social Impact and Sustainability

Join us to explore topics on social value, social impact and sustainability.

Every Sunday 07.30am UK/ 9.30am UAE

English Language  CH - PI THE ARTS FOR HUMANITY: Artistic Expression and It's Value on Humanity

Join us to explore the value of the Arts and Culture in their ability to express aspects of humanity and how that supports our sustainability as humans.

Wednesday 26 May

1.30pm UK/ 4.30pm UAE

English Language Topic TBA

Wednesday 26 May

2.15pm UK/ 5.15pm UAE

English Language Topic TBA

Wednesday 26 May

3.00pm UK/ 6.00pm UAE

English Language Topic TBA



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Wed 19 May

13:00 GMT

English Language PI Legacy Webinar: The Missing Link In Business Leadership

How Individual Behaviour Transfers To The Bottom Line


This webinar is presented as part of the International Coaching Federation International Coaching Week

Support Us and You Support Social Impact

In order for Purposeful Innovators CIC to offer opportunities to those out of work, furloughed or experiencing financial hardship, we request full payment of projects at the time of booking.

This enables us to focus our efforts on delivering the highest quality of products, services, programs, innovations and material for all our clients, collaborators, beneficiaries, sponsors and partners instead of chasing payments and negotiating payment terms that diffuses our efforts away from making the greatest social impact that matters to everyone.

Our Campaigns Collectively Support All 17 UNSDGs

These goals formulate the scope and strategy for positive impact. 


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