PI Legacy Webinar: The Missing Link In Business Leadership


This webinar was recorded on 19 May 2021.


This webinar explains how individual behavioural patterns leads to a greater impact within a community and in society. 
  • Understanding Debt/Profit Cycles Are Rooted in Behaviour Patterns
  • Coaching Impact And Sustaining Learning For Social Value Creation
  • How Improving Social Value Creates A More Prosperous Society


About the Speaker, Rania Laing FCIM, PCC and Founder/CEO of Purposeful Innovators.

Rania helps organisations regenerate their industries and excel through purposeful innovation. She believes the future of long term customer and stakeholder value lies in innovation strategies that deliver a positive impact on financials as well as individuals, society, community and the environment.

Supported by her ongoing brain-based research into generating positive outcomes for corporations, Rania works to develop capabilities in applying precision thinking for strategic decision-making and effective cultural change management.