Project Leader Pack

As a Project Leader you will be required to download and complete/use the following documents in conjunction with your Mentor. 


The Project Scope is used to establish all of the work and the tasks that need to be completed in the project and provides a big picture view of the project context and its positive impact. It answers the question of why the project is beneficial to creating or improving society. It describes the product/service and the intended resulting impact of successful project delivery defined as Project Objectives. Download Project Scope Template as a Word Document

The Project Strategy defines the direction of project, and the strategic goals that meet each of the project objectives (defined in the Project Scope). This document is essential as it forms the basis of clarifying each party's contribution towards successful delivery. Download Project Strategy Template as a Word Document

The budgeting plan and processes are crucial for any project in order to keep track of expenditure and income. They serve as a monitoring and controlling method in order to manage the remuneration, finances, revenues versus costs. The process begins by deciding upon the financial goals according to which the budget will be made.  Download Budget Sheet Template as an Excel Spreadsheet

The systematic meeting protocol ensures meetings are focused and stick to the topics of the agenda. Download Meeting Protocol Template as a Word Document

Download Meeting Agenda Template as a Word Document

Download Meeting Minutes Template as a Word Document

Read PI Ethics and Standards Code of Ethics


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