Purposeful Innovator Ethics and Standards Code of Conduct

Conditions of Membership As Purposeful Innovator


“PI” is the acronym for Purposeful Innovators.
“25 impact model” and / or “The Model” is a positive impact model that uses 25 criteria to benchmark a hierarchy of competences and can be applied to any project and converts into commercial value.
“Five Level” refers to a thought process that can be applied from a helicopter and a grass roots view on everything you do and three more levels in between.
“Impact Excellence” refers to the achievement of excellence of the 25 impact model.
“Learning Revolution” refers to how the brain naturally processes information and develops neuro pathways which can then be applied to effective communication.
“Legacy” refers to an impact which is displayed through lasting value in any project from sustainable profit through to social value.
“Prosperity drivers and brakes” refers to the process of transferring value from behaviour to currency where prosperity creates enough value that everyone is in a position of profit.

Code of Ethics

  1. Understands Impact Excellence as a criteria for ethics, standards, and impact.
  2. Applies the Learning Revolution to move towards creating their intended legacy.
  3. Defines the Prosperity drivers and brakes.
  4. Applies criteria as behavioural standards, project standards and societal impact standards.
  5. Committed to the ethics and standards of PI, and pledge to uphold the principles in all areas of professional and personal practice.
  6. Holds self and all others in high esteem with a belief that all humans are of equal value and hold equal human rights irrespective of perspective, education, poverty, status, behaviour, religion, culture, nationality, and/or any other preferences and bias; regardless of their personal conduct and behaviour.
  7. Consciously develops personal intelligence on thinking, feeling and actions and takes ownership of ongoing improvement towards healthier patterns as well as an awareness of the external consequences of their behaviour.
  8. Commits to combining personal skills and wisdom with others in partnership to achieve an elevated level five impact according to the criteria of the model.
  9. Actively practices spiritual intelligence, strategic intelligence and behavioural intelligence and pledges their personal and collective contribution to creating positive impact by their practices for the development of self, society and humanity.
  10. Strives to contribute and incorporate learnings to the development of research and knowledge in the field of Positive Impact, positive societal change and for the benefit of PI, for the public communities it serves.
  11. Pledges allegiance to growing the value of the collective greater good of all communities and societies irrespective of geography, status, collective beliefs, cultures, and/or other community rights and ecosystems.
  12. Validates others who adhere to the ethical practices and standards of Positive Impact to inspire and aspire collective value creation.
  13. Defines personal impact vision, purpose and path.
  14. Identifies opportunities to collaborate with others to expand personal impact through applied collective strategic project intelligence.