Coaching and Mentoring

Delivers ROI by achieving more from your leadership and teams. Includes improved job performance, increased employee satisfaction and resilience, developing business agility and ultimately positively impacting productivity and profitability.

Coaching enables senior executives, managers and leaders to improve their performance and grow emotionally and behaviourally. It is an intervention used to create and support long-term, sustainable change through a dynamic process based on trust and honesty.

Our coaches are human change experts who focus on the structure and science of thinking patterns and behaviours. We incorporate advanced concepts of mind sciences into the coaching process through NLP, mBIT, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and transactional analysis.

Professional coaching is becoming in so much demand as it delivers on its ROI by achieving many things including improved job performance, building employee satisfaction and resilience, developing business agility and ultimately positively impacting productivity and profitability.

Due to time periods of newly hired or promoted executives to demonstrate competence and capabilities getting shorter, our clients are often under pressure to resolve performance issues or management flaws that would have traditionally remained hidden or been accepted.

We work with you to develop a coaching approach that suits you, your business, your budget and your goals. We work across all aspects of professional coaching covering.


One-on-one sessions

One to one coaching

One-on-one sessions are the single most effective way to see fast, significant results in performance. Individualised focus and attention helps develop competence, diagnose performance challenges, turnaround unsatisfactory performance and behaviours, and foster productive working relationships.

Executive Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Emerging Leaders

Strategy Coaching

Career Coaching



Group Sessions

Group Sessions

External coaching and mentoring provide your teams with the benefits that come from advanced knowledge, skill and expertise. Unaffected by the company’s internal politics, we are able to uncover and help resolve critical, often hidden issues that are affecting performance while remaining objective and sensitive to confidentiality.

The duration and frequency of sessions depend on the needs of the employee and the business/performance goals. Considerations are that new and under-performing employees require more frequent sessions than those that perform well.

Different to group coaching, team coaching integrates the characteristics and traits of the team and coaches the team to stretch out of their comfort zone, developing team dynamics, capabilities and morale.

Team Coaching

Group Coaching

Directed Coaching for Audience Groups (Conferences and Events)