Briefing Note

The Power Within: Women in Corporate

We have carefully selected and invited you to join a special group of female leaders from across a diverse breadth of industry sectors to openly and honestly discuss the power challenges facing women in corporate today.


Understanding power dynamics in the corporate environment is crucial for supporting healthier power transitions and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. While the phrase "knowledge is power" is often used, it is important to acknowledge that women in the corporate world often face unique challenges when it comes to accessing and leveraging knowledge to advance their careers. As Gen Zs enter the workforce, it is essential to consider how technology and access to digital resources will impact power dynamics within organisations. In order to achieve true workplace empowerment, it is crucial to confront and dismantle systemic barriers that perpetuate gender inequality and limit the advancement of women and other underrepresented groups. By examining these issues and working to create more equitable and inclusive workplaces, we can build stronger, more resilient organisations that benefit everyone.


Discussions with Purpose

The challenges that women face at work today are numerous and complex. One of the major difficulties that they face is navigating systemic and unconscious bias while also trying to make their mark in a technologically-advanced global community. Additionally, many workplaces are still patriarchal in nature, which can make it difficult for women to advance. Women are often forced to reconcile traditional domestic expectations with modern viewpoints and relationships, which can be an overwhelming task.

The three key areas for our discussions are:

  1. Up-skilling and Financial Literacy Requirements
  2. Employee Community Empowerment Dynamics
  3. Corporate Cultural Resources and Mind-shifts


More Than Words

Welcome to "The Power Within." Our goal is to discuss and unpack real issues that face our communities and hinder them from realising their full potential. We believe that by engaging in meaningful conversations, we can inspire positive change and empower individuals from within.

In this discussion, we will explore the intricate realities of women in the workplace, uncover the difficulties and challenges of the corporate environment and discuss possible methods and solutions to make corporate life healthier for all.

Moreover, we aim to unite individuals from across a broad yet related segments, who can partner and collaborate to magnify our collective impact by bringing new actions into their workplace. We hope this collaboration will not only increase your success but also create a ripple effect of positive change through new connections and expanded professional networks an impact channels.


Preparing for the Roundtable

We have identified five questions (please feel free to contribute and suggest changes) to prepare and commence discussions about defining power, power dynamics and impact of change as experienced by women in the workplace today.

  • What is a woman's self-perception of her agency/ability to instigate change?
  • What are the social benefits when females are empowered?
  • What systemic structures are needed to embed positive cultural change and empower long term social growth?
  • How can the learning goals and obstacles be defined, become explicit and overcome taboos (are they taboos and if so what are they)?
  • What collective mind shifts are needed to move towards a more prosperous future?

You will be invited to an (optional) preparation meeting of 60 mins duration to be scheduled in October 2023.


Making Your Contribution Matter

After reviewing the discussion, our next step is to create a report that will be published on Before we proceed, we will kindly request your confirmation that you are comfortable with your comments from the roundtable being included in the report. Additionally, we will provide you with a copy of the report for review before it is made publicly available.


Candid conversations that will contribute to the following UN SDGs


Barbara Stickland

HR Consultant, Integral Leadership and Career Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

Barbara Stickland supports existing and aspiring leaders to re-connect with their true selves; to build a mental toughness that would allow them to find the balance between compassionate leadership and the pressures of delivering financial profitability in the business world of ever-growing uncertainty. It has become her calling to work with the leaders who aspire to make a positive impact beyond their organisation by challenging the status quo and becoming the best versions of themselves.

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Deborah A.

Holistic Leadership Mentor, Advisor, Co-creative Leadership Development

Deborah A supports self-aware leaders in creating environments of genuine psychological safety and trust, so they can be part of building the world we all want to see, while confidently navigating this period of global transition.

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Image of Nataliya Wiedermeyer

Nataliya Wiedermeyer ACC

Founder Graviteams

Nataliya Wiedemeyer PMP ACC is an ICF Professional and Team Coach. Her vision is a connected world, where people work together on making it a little better every day. She helps teams to develop and improve their engagement, performance, and productivity.

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Image of Wendy Shaw

Wendy Shaw

PI chair, founder of

Wendy is an experienced Coach, Trainer and Facilitator. She is passionate about empowering others and has almost 30 years’ experience in L&D. She is a certified Trainer of mBIT, NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, she is an experienced Executive Coach and Member of the ICF. Wendy delivers elective programs for EMBA students around the globe and is also the BNI Master Trainer for UAE and Qatar. 

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Image of Rania Laing

Rania Laing FCIM PCC

CEO and Founder PI and your neuro coach, executive coach

Rania believes in empowering healthier people everywhere reaching into all sectors to accelerate sustainable transformation. Since founding PI, She has been working to build strong collaborative partnerships that support the PI mission using latest research and a scientific approach. She is an Ashridge Hult Executive Coach, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a PCC Credentialed ICF Coach and sits on the global Board of Trustees for the ICF Foundation.

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