Competency-Based Performance Framework

What is the competency-based framework?

The framework defines the main actions you need to focus on, in your job, so that you can move forward towards your goals in a conscious, focused and defined manner.


When do you need a framework?

You need a framework when you want to be able to identify the competencies, define your actions and be able to work to achieve a successful outcome while being able to explain and justify your actions and achievements.


How does it work?

The competency framework and review process will bring new ways of working for you in or away from your current role. It connects your personal talent and contribution to commercial performance. By using new ways of reporting and review, you will be able to define and support your current methods of working as well as introduce new ideas that help you work more effectively.


What to expect from the process?

There will be main actions that you need to focus on. Not all will be relevant for your current role but at least one will be and it is important for you to understand and know how the others relate to your career growth so that you know how to make the decisions that help you achieve growth in your next role.

 We will work together and talk openly about what you do well. You will come up with new ideas to bring to your role and you will start making a combined and bigger impact for your current business but also for your next job. Co-operation is the first and most important expectation, followed by commitment to change, and, finally, doing the action you promised you will do in the time that you agreed to do it.


Download the Competency-Based Performance Workbook