Partner With Us

Our direction goal is to create egalitarian tie-ups that mean no-one is left behind.

Learn how to invent a future that results in exceptional and sustainable collective health and performance.

Based on a consultation process, partners receive a highly structured, systematic approach to learning the principles and applications of delivering their positive impact. 

Partners are invited to support in many ways, e.g. donation of media plan space and other methods including marketing management or one-off cost contributions to support PI expenses against a project.

PI offers partners and collaborators open book access to budget and project management as well as the final case study which will be made available to Members.


What We Are Doing

Objective: We are forming collaborative strategic partnerships for the purposes of strengthening our strategic sustainability message within the media, and across private and public sectors.


What We Want From You

We want you to join us, learn with us and expand with us!

We believe that successful collaborations extends to organisation-level strategic partnerships. In fact, our methodology is successful due to our research in the science of collaborations.

Partnering with us will enable us to share our passion for collaborations with you and show you the value of win - win - win strategies.


Support Our Payment Terms and You Support Social Impact

In order for Purposeful Innovators CIC to offer opportunities to those out of work, furloughed or experiencing financial hardship, we request full payment of projects at the time of booking.

This enables us to focus our efforts on delivering the highest quality of products, services, programs, innovations and material for all our clients, collaborators, beneficiaries, sponsors and partners instead of chasing payments and negotiating payment terms that diffuses our efforts away from making the greatest social impact that matters to everyone.


Our Campaigns Collectively Support All 17 UNSDGs

These goals formulate the scope and strategy for positive impact. 


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