Purposeful Innovator Membership

Purposeful Innovator Membership

Code of Ethics
As Purposeful Innovators, we believe, and demonstrate, that society has reached a milestone that organisations can and, therefore, are obliged to deliver their strategies without compromise or suffering on any of the dimensions (People, Planet, Profit).

We work to the Positive Impact model, which provides a systemic road map to facilitate the highest value creation across all aspects of the human global ecosystem for the purposes of improving humanity.

On subscription to your Purposeful Innovator Membership annual plan, you will immediately have full access to all Member Only areas including the Media Hub, Articles and the Project Hub.

Project Hub

The Project Hub houses all live and new Projects that exist for collaborator contribution and remuneration. You can browse projects and apply for participation which provide your personal positive assessments and strengths development plans.

Please select your project(s) based on your passion. You will be working alongside the project mentor stated in the project details.