Purposeful Innovators Forms Strategic Initiatives in NGOs, Hospitality, Research and Human Development

Expansion through collaboration is an important strategic concept of the positive impact ecosystem. Developing exceptional relationships to build trust, co-operative work practices, co-creation of ideas and aligned purpose are all key aspects of putting into practice the knowledge of the principles of human develop that are at the centre of the trainings that PI represents.

During 2022, PI has established strategic global partnerships with the following international organisations. 

 Organisation Partnering Project

To launch adult education programmes to a global market. Trainings are based on latest research into human science and the models and principles of human development. 

Read more about the unique approach from International Institute for Research into Human Development (iiRHD).

University of Derby To launch student learning opportunities in the private sector that aligns with the teaching curriculum on the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals and provides opportunities for students to gain work experience in sustainability and sustainable hospitality in international locations. 
Kent College Dubai

To supplement and compliment the secondary curriculum with 'real-life' case studies, presentations, experiential learning, work experience opportunities and other activities to bring the principles of sustainability to life for the secondary school population at the Dubai campus.


Ronai Logo

To develop solutions and collaborative opportunities for sustainability within the international hospitality industry to reduce waste, encourage health and nutrition, promote environmentally healthier materials and support change of supply chain purchasing habits towards reusing more durable products, recycling packaging and broken products, choosing products made of recycled materials, rejecting plastics - especially single use plastics and re-purposing waste within the community within schools and for international art projects. Ronai LLC worked closely to facilitate the collection of waste from customers to support the Art Dubai, Art of Recycle workshops with Cyrus Kabiru
Connect Aid Logo English To create opportunities for Connect Aid charity and non-profit organisation members to develop partnerships with private sector companies. Project opportunities facilitate community impact initiatives that deliver the UN SDGs through CSR activations within target demographics.
To develop new applications of the Sustainability Mindset Principles (used with permission of Rimanoczy, I. The Sustainability Mindset Principles. Routledge Taylor 2021) working in partnerships with Sustainability Mindset Indicator Assessors, Educators, Coaches and Practitioners aligning to common practices, globally.