The Key to Understanding The Six Stages of PI Projects

Our projects are tended and nurtured for impact

Purposeful Innovators are invited to work on any number of projects that are in various stages of development. Each stage requires a different level of focus and transitions the project development through the five levels of positive impact. 

The collaborator ecosystem allows for fluidity in participation and therefore additional roles may be opened or added to any project at any time.

As each project is unique in its scope and timings, its transition through the stages will also be unique. Please refer to the project details for more information on key milestones and metrics.


Here is the summary of the six project stages:
Project Stage - Sprout


Sprouts are concepts that have been scoped and strategised but not yet developed. They are based on a first idea or plan. The team is just coming together.

Project Stage - Seedling


Seedlings have undergone development and are beginning to grow. The team are formed and the concept has gone through one or more learning cycles.

Project Stage - Growth


Growth projects follow established protocols. The team have clarity on the value creation and can visualise the final intended impact with precision and focus.

Project Stage - Blossom


Blossoms show the first signs or evidence that the intended value is being created. There is more to be executed but less solutions to find.

Project Stage - Bloom


Bloom are in full swing, monitoring and actions are taking place and the project is fully on track in every way. Results are being observed and learnings start to be concluded.

Project Stage - Ripe


Ripe projects have come to a completion in their execution or milestones, all learnings are fully understood, documented and published to be shared externally from the team.