University of Derby Partnership for Student Placement Opportunities in Sustainable Hospitality

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Purposeful Innovators Cic (PI) and the University of Derby are partnering to bring students of Hospitality, international placement opportunities in the UAE, with a focus on Sustainable Hospitality. We started our journey in the summer 2022 by considering how Hospitality students can help businesses achieve Sustainability awards like Green Key. University of Derby have incorporated the UN SDGs into the curriculum.

12 Sustainability Mindset Principles

The 12 Sustainability Mindset Principles (SMP) is a model that fits perfectly to align an organisation's culture to meet the sustainability goals. The SMP provides us with the coaching method of moving the employee community towards transformational change. The students are required to ‘negotiate’ the focus areas that they can champion with the organisation-we considered that they identify for introduction 3-4 focus SMPs per year with a long term goal of the business adopting all 12 (to various measurable degrees) over 3-4 years. This then offers future placement opportunities for subsequent students to continue the good work and strengthen the partnership between the business and the University. 

Target launch date is Summer 2023.

Target sector is Hospitality, but all sectors will be considered.