Volunteer Introduction Process

Date introduced: 12 April 2022
  • Job Description (JD) produced by Director that requires the Volunteer on their team. JD reference Positive Impact intelligence Matrix.
  • Position to be published online and CVs received from applicants.
  • Link to PI videos, code of ethics, white paper to be communicated as part of the interview process.
  • 1st Interview to be conducted with 2 other Directors.
  • 2nd Interview to be conducted with Director that the volunteer reports into.
  • For consistency, Wendy Shaw or Bronwen Hundley must be included as one of the interviewers.
  • Introduction to Board of Directors, Project Team etc by email.
  • Introduction with Directors – volunteer(s) to receive inductions with a minimum number of Directors (I suggest at least 3).
  • Induction to role and project to take place by reporting Director.
  • Review to take place every quarter.
  • Filing of volunteer introductions and competency development documentation.
  • Allocate a Director/Mentor who is not directly involved with the project as a PI ‘Guardian’ for optional nurturing support within the system.