Your Neuro Coach LLC Represents New Start-Ups Offering Sustainable Products and Solutions

Your Neuro Coach LLC (YNC), a founding member company of Purposeful Innovators Cic (PI) is proud to support start-ups that offer innovative sustainable solutions to consumers and businesses.


Always on the watch for great sustainable ideas, YNC is now representing entrepreneurial start-ups Herogo and Mayee Water both are located in the UAE.


About HeroGo

In the UAE alone, 1 million tonnes of perfectly good food is wasted every year, often because of the 'ugly problem’ - this bit of veg is 'too big', that one is 'too small', and that one has a 'funny shape'. 

Other reasons might be:  

  • Food is too close to its sell by date  
  • It’s excess produce that’s not needed 
  • The packaging is out of date 
  • Other cosmetic reasons, like unusual colouring  
  • Imported produce at risk due to change in demand. 

When these groceries go in the bin, not only does it waste the food, but it also wastes the energy, water and resources that went into growing it. 

We believe this must stop!

At HeroGo, we embrace this food and we rescue it. We make it affordable then deliver it right to your doorstep in only one click, saving you time and making your grocery bill cheaper. Plus, for every box delivered, we'll provide meals for two people facing hunger.

By choosing to shop with us, you’re the real hero! You’ll be saving food, saving resources and fighting inequality too. 

Get ready to make a positive impact on our planet – one carrot at a time.


About Mayee Water

Protect our oceans by eliminating the use of single plastic

Plastic in the oceans have a devastating and disturbing impact on hundreds of marine species through ingestion, suffocation and entanglement.

Decrease landfill pollution by removing the need for plastic bottles

Plastics in landfills can take up to 500 years to decompose, leaking pollutants into the soil and water which poison animals and destroy ecosystems.

Helping to reduce carbon footprint by reducing unnecessary transportation

Air pollution and greenhouse gases caused by vehicles are a major cause of global warming. The rapid rise is a problem, as it’s changing the climate faster than some living things can adapt to. Changes in the conditions in which plants and animals can live, crops can grow and contribute to loss of natural water supplies.


  • No more interrupted supplies if you run out before your next delivery
  • No more inconvenience of storing water bottles or heavy lifting
  • No more exceeding budgets with varying consumption levels
  • Free maintenance, monthly payments, no contract


  • Breath in clean, purer air as we lightly purify and dehumidify the air
  • Free from harmful chemicals and preservatives for optimum health
  • Perfectly balanced PH 7.3 mineral water