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Wealth Angels

Wealth Angels - Money Wise - Family

Wealth Angels - Money Wise - Family

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Created by experts in finance, adult and child education, this programme provides families with education about money so that their children are able to learn the basics of money in a fun and easy way.

Aimed at families with children between 7 and 14 years old, participants will gain both knowledge and confidence to grow into financially wise young adults.

Delivered across 12 weekly 60 minutes online interactive sessions, this programme provides the first steps in financial knowledge to build confidence in making sound decisions about spending, saving, and investing.


Benefits of Attending Money Wise Family

  1. Financial literacy helps participants understand the value of money and the importance of saving. This can lead to more responsible spending habits later in life.
  2. Teaching participants about finances can help them develop critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities.
  3. Financial literacy can help develop a sense of independence and responsibility as children grow into young adults.
  4. Learning about finances can help children make better decisions about college, careers, and other long-term goals.
  5. Financial literacy can help children avoid financial mistakes and debt in the future, while giving them the wisdom that can help them spot and avoid the detrimental impact of fraud.
  6. Young people who learn about finances early on are more likely to become financially successful adults.
  7. Financial literacy can help children understand the importance of giving to others and charitable causes.
  8. Teaching young people about money can also help them understand the consequences of their actions and the importance of planning ahead. 
  9. Financial literacy can help children become better consumers by understanding the true cost of goods and services.
  10. Financial literacy can help children develop good habits and attitudes towards money that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Course Summary

Training Lead Rebecca Ellis
Number of Sessions 12
Method Online
Location Zoom

Every Monday from 2 October 2023 6.30pm (UTC/GMT)


What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to the principles of money management
  • Understanding money
  • Basic concepts of finance
  • Investment and risk made simple
  • Human behaviour and making money decisions
  • What is Crypto?
  • What is sustainable finance and why does it matter?
  • What the Impact? Funding a better future


About Your Trainer

Rebecca Ellis

Rebecca Ellis has over 20 years of experience in International Private banking and wealth management. Her expertise includes including structuring investment portfolios and advising on estate planning and domicile rules for international citizens. Having worked for well-known firms in London, Zurich and Geneva she has clients from all continents and specialises in the African market.

Rebecca's expertise is coupled with her passion for social change and she currently holds the position as Secretary and Treasurer on the Board of Directors for Purposeful Innovators CIC. 

Rebecca is an accomplished sportswoman. She represented the Swiss National Rugby team for 9 years and remains an active player for the Cern Wildcats in Geneva.

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