How To Create Ideal Organisation Function Profiles

The algorithm in the Positive Impact Model can be used to indicate the potential value creation and money flow systems within the organisation as an ecosystem. Using the criteria and function value potential, behavioural values can be further defined per function, bringing relevance and precision into the diversity of the system.

How to create ideal function profiles to support optimum organisational value creation potential:

  • Based on their nature and contribution to value creation within a business, ideal functional profiles can be defined and a functional Behavioural Intelligence Charter created.
  • Each function has a maximum possible impact level and certain lead competences critical to their performance.
  • For each of the competences, a lead support function and a lead primary function are identified. This ensures an effective value system and the major channels to move value are created.
  • Additional shadow competences are allocated to support functions only. Shadow competences must be supporting commerciality and therefore are the competences with marketable values.
  • Primary functions do not have a system requirement for shadow competences
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