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We are facing unprecedented challenges to humanity.

Our communities are not facing suffering solely due to the COVID19 virus but from those in positions of power who are using classic manipulation and control tactics to stop collective positive patterns and recovery, in favour of their individual gain.

We want to tackle manipulation head-on. By forming an ethical collaborative ecosystem we believe we can eradicate suffering, globally. Bringing together Purposeful Innovators, we know we will be able to advance humanity anywhere and everywhere, because collectively, we know how.


What We Want From You

  • Reject all forms of manipulation in favour of health.
  • Reject poverty all over the world, now and in the future in favour of collective wealth and prosperity.
  • Reject discord and degeneration in favour of generative and positive change.
  • Reject a lack of education as a reason for poverty, inequality, and vulnerability in the modern age.


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These goals formulate the scope and strategy for positive impact. Read more about using the Positive Impact model for creating five level scopes and strategies aligned with how the brain thinks.

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