Weekly Project Update for 3 May 2021

Weekly Project Management Agenda

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The IMBEA from the Learning Revolution format for the agenda and minutes.

  • Define Intention
  • Derive Meaning
  • Determine Benefits
  • Demonstrate Evidence
  • Do Action

Each Campaign is then updated using the above information process.


Weekly Project Update Notes 

YNC6MNT60010 Project Meeting Minutes 03052021

Agenda Topic 1: Meeting Overview, Welcome and Intros

Attendees: Asad Khan, Veronica Lysaght, Wendy Shaw, Yolanda Cantin, Rebecca Ellis, Brenda Ingram, Rania Laing.

60 seconds was given per attendee for personal introductions. First time everyone has met face to face so good to familiarise faces and names.


Agenda Topic 2: PNG444PNG PI Head Office Management

  • The Board team are now in place, with IGC being the only project with a dedicated team. 
  • Meetings are open for participation by anyone and are optional. Clubhouse every Sunday has been successful for international network building; Monday meetings are strategic updates by project and Wednesday is more focused on collaborating for actions and tasks.
  • All links to meetings will be online. 

    Agenda Topic 3: PNG111NGC International Green Council

    • Going forward, meetings will be on a Friday starting this Friday at 8am UK time/11am UAE time to better accommodate those in different time zones. 
    • Regular meeting times to be determined at the first meeting to suit all.
    • The IGC Board will discuss the format and Rania/Brenda will provide the project management structure support.
    • Join Zoom Meeting


    Agenda Topic 4: PNG111BFH Brands For Humanity

    • The strategy is emerging as fully aligned with Your Neuro Coach's consultancy strategy of helping corporations create their brand's humanity.
    • Your Neuro Coach is licensed in the UAE as a Marketing company delivering CSR, customer and cultural strategies, building sustainable brands from the inside out.
    • Companies who receive CSR tailored strategic consultancy can support PI campaigns and projects that align with their business goals.
    • Corporate outreach is emerging through local relationships and activities on current projects that provide case studies to approach global brands HQs.
    • Create dedicated campaign page on website.
    • Project-specific meeting on Zoom at 1.30pm UK/4.30pm UAE, Wednesday 5 May 2021. Join Zoom Meeting


    Agenda Topic 5: PNG111RFH Research for Humanity

    • Supporting Masters/PHD students with access to potential interviewees for qualitative research.
    • Researcher has a pool of interviewees.
    • Reciprocal sharing of information on the research topic and the potential to be paid if there is sponsorship.
    • Landing page on the website.
    • Reaching out to universities and students.
    • Create dedicated campaign page on website.


    Agenda Topic 6: PNG111LSF Legacy

    • Education on sustainable money management from individual, SMEs, and corporates based on principles of Prosperity For All.
    • Wealth Angels and Corporate Angels are project already incubating under Legacy.
    • First PI Legacy webinar is confirmed as an event for International Coaching Federation's International Coaching Week to attract and convert collaborators from the coaching industry and create awareness of PI.
    • Planned collaboration with providers in the market of extra-curriculum activities to create distribution channels.


    Agenda Topic 7: YNC111WNG Wealth Angels

    • Education on wealth management and finance. Lesson plans complete.
    • First targeting schools to deliver to young children then expand to adults.
    • Learning basics and empowerment of money matters from a young age.
    • Final content, once reviewed, to be presented to schools via direct network.
    • Action - send to team to extend into their education relationships.
    • Create dedicated campaign page on website.

      Agenda Topic 8: PNG111TRF Arts for Humanity

      • Producing a pitch to a local community centre for Summer Programme.
      • Many expats are staying in UAE this year. Content will reflect the PI campaign themes but engage with local vendors that interact and know the community.
      • Attract PI Revolutioners whose businesses align with PI ethics and create steering communities to support ongoing project development. Collaboration and remuneration strategy will be transferrable to any community centre globally.
      • Proposal due this week and will include comprehensive 5 level strategy. 
      • Published as case study once details confirmed.
      • Update dedicated campaign page required on website.

        Agenda Topic 9: PNG111SFH Sports for Humanity

        • Update to follow, project is still at seedling stage and steering committee being formed.
        • Create dedicated campaign page on website.


        Agenda Topic 10: PNG111SRX Sustainable Resources

        • Working with a client to develop sustainable textiles and support their efforts in moving large amounts of stock they currently hold.
        • Making the company more streamlined with a view to opening a branch in Saudi Arabia.
        • Brief involves developing the company's sustainability on all three areas of CSR, company culture/employees and revenue.
        • Rania will physically work from their office every Tuesday for 3 months to kick start their business planning process, commencing this Tuesday (4th May). 
        • Update dedicated campaign page required on website.


        Agenda Topic 11: PNG111SPX Sustainable People

        • Transferrable skills from events crew to other industries. Supporting events elasticity of manpower. Supporting the workforce post event delivery.
        • Helping people building individual security. Helping them to transfer to other industries.
        • Potentially providing a platform where those who are out of work or furloughed have access to roles where their skill set can be transitioned or advanced.
        • Contacts in the events industry have roles to fill for short-term projects.
        • Potential collaboration with event companies or direct with the venue(s). 
        • Update dedicated campaign page required on website.
        • Project-specific meeting on Zoom at 2.15pm UK/5.15pm UAE, Wednesday 5 May 2021. Join Zoom Meeting

          Agenda Topic 12: PNG111SCX Sustainable Economies

          • Following on from Clubhouse room discussions on White Cube, the volcano eruption in St Vincent was brought to our attention as well as the COVID19 crisis in India. 
          • These economies need support although it is early days in these discussions.
          • Through PI's collaboration network, we can help local communities become sustainable.
          • Project-specific meeting about how to help India on Zoom at 3.00pm UK/6.00pm UAE, Wednesday 5 May 2021. Join Zoom Meeting

          Agenda Topic 13: AOB

          • N/A


          Next Meeting will be on Monday 10 May at 7.00am UK/10.00am UAE. Join Zoom Meeting.